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http://raemia.livejournal.com/18347.html - a FAQ of stuff concerning and related to Release 88
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Well, two links *g*

http://helens78.dreamwidth.org/1179580.html - A very poignant story about Fandom. And Livejournal.

http://factionary.livejournal.com/2116.html - the author of this titled the entry "Reasons to move to Dreamwidth". I found it more interesting just for a list of the way [livejournal.com profile] igrick is behaving; how little he cares about Livejournal's userbase.

I don't know, y'all. Will I move exclusively to Dreamwidth (or anywhere else)? Not likely, at least not any time real soon. I am in the queue to (finally) import my LJ over to the DW account, and I may start doing the cross-posting thing (or not, I haven't decided). I'm kind of waiting to see what, if anything, LJ does in response to the 10,000 or so comments its received regarding this latest code push.

Someone posted...somewhere, I can't recall now if it was in the [livejournal.com profile] lj_releases post, or somewhere else...that DW had somewhere in the vicinity of 21,500 new accounts created yesterday. That translates into a hell of a lot of lost revenue for Livejournal -- whether from paid accounts, account extras (icons, v-gifts, userheads), or just ad revenue. I was thinking of lost revenue in terms of paid accounts, etc., and then saw someone commenting in response to a user saying "I'll just let all my paid accounts expire and be a basic (free) account"...that unless you have an Ad Block program, LJ will still get revenue from the ads on the site for every basic account user. I'm not sure how that works, if you have to click on an ad or if they get some revenue just from the ad being there when a user logs in, but yeah. If I had the option of a paid account expiring and just using a free account, I would pack up in a minute and head out.

For now I suppose I should quit fretting about this and go get some stuff done.

ETA: A third link: http://news.livejournal.com/140511.html?thread=98346463&style=mine#t98346463

In addition to the glitch (or whatever) that has caused custom comment pages to be disabled, it seems that some people who turned OFF automatic payments are finding those have been turned back on. Y'all might want to double-check, if you turned yours off.
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Proposed upcoming changes - http://manonon.livejournal.com/6816.html (This user has only translated the original proposed/prototype page. The actual prototype page is here: http://tema.livejournal.com/1042212.html, and it's in Russian.)

Scroll down to "settings" and click on "userpics".

They're taking away the extra line where we credit who the icon maker is. You'll have the option of browse the computer or enter a link, and one line to put text/keywords.

Also, from Twitter:

igrick: @veselova102 They don't like that we've removed the comments subject.
veselova102: @igrick they'll get used to it :)
igrick: @veselova102 I've no doubts ;)

Way to stay classy, LJ employees.
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...considering I tend to go fetal, when LJ goes down *g*

Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] tabularassa:

I'm 90% LiveJournal!

Legendary status.
Can I have your autograph?

The LiveJournal Quiz

Take Other Caffeine Nebula Quizzes

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Has anyone else tried to send a PM just now, and gotten a "sorry, page not found" message??

What the fuck?

ETA: And now it's working fine. WEIRD.


Dec. 4th, 2008 11:37 pm
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*195 user pics*????

I think I've died and gone to iconheaven. O_O

And to think, there once was a time when I couldn't imagine having ten icons.

Of course, that was also about the time I didn't think I'd ever find any use for Livejournal. *snorts*
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Mostly 'cos everyone on my flist seems to be doing it, and why not?

This year makes my 7th July third on LJ, and I'm no more interesting today than I was seven years ago *g*

2008 - I got an evil ducky, and ranted about hating Jennifer Greene, on ER. *g*

2007 - I was outraged over Libby's sentence being commuted, and boggling that Matthew still believed in Santa Claus.

2006 - I'd forgotten to turn in the paperwork for the Parent Education Clinic thingy I had to attend, and I was trying to get my website updated.

2005 - No updates that day. I was in England, happily visiting with [livejournal.com profile] nopseud...and we were actually at her parent's home on that day.

2004 - Watching the video equivalent of badfic. Fun times!

2003 - Trickyfish fic I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] rhyssj. Cracked-out Trickyfish, at that.

2002 - No entries for this day in 2002. I was still pretty new to LJ, and not updating anywhere near as regularly (or as often) as I do now. Not sure if the current status quo is better, or not. o_O

And now to hie myself off to bed, because alas, I have to work tomorrow. Boo, hiss.
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By way of [livejournal.com profile] stonedtodeath:

Anyone heard of Facebook's Beacon spyware program? LJ's on the list of partnered sites.

What the heck is this? And is it something to be concerned about? I'm kinda confuzzled.
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It appears 6A's sold LJ to the Russians.

But if it means less wank and issues and whatnot, maybe it's not a Bad Thing.


[livejournal.com profile] synecdochic, no more talking to the universe!! You hear me? *g*
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I've stayed out of the whole debacle re: LJ/6A and child porn, and I'm really loathe to add another post to something that I'm truly, completely sick of hearing about (as so many of you are, as well, I'm sure). But I don't feel like I can not pass this link along. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kaiz for the heads' up:

So you know how everyone's been waiting for LJ to answer that question about LINKS which they so conveniently ignored in the latest [livejournal.com profile] lj_biz post? Well, I got an answer. And you're not going to like it.

That takes you to [livejournal.com profile] violet_quill's LJ, and y'all should read that entry. I'm still at the !!!! stage, because dude. They're saying that even linking OFFSITE to something they consider to be 'child porn' could get a journal suspended.

[livejournal.com profile] kaiz also linked to this entry at [livejournal.com profile] p_zeitgeist's journal, also addressing the linking.

[livejournal.com profile] kaiz (I suppose I could have just linked to her entry *g*) goes on to say this in her entry:

In short, after numerous folks (myself included) have pretty much begged LJ/6A to clarify (yes, I know: LOL!) its policy, LJ/6A has finally deigned to answer (privately, of course--wouldn't do to actually publicly inform paying customers so that we can actually comply with the TOS).

They now seem to be implying that, yes indeed, you can be TOSSed for linking to "objectionable content" that is housed on servers that LJ/6A does not own or control.

Those of you who have been sitting this issue out because it's all about the pervy HP Freaks™ should think again. Why? Because if you link to any content that LJ/6A finds objectionable (that includes political and socially incendiary content, folks, check out the TOS) you may find all of your accounts banned. And, given that a link that, yesterday, pointed to something something fluffy and funny might tomorrow point to some hard core porn if the domain gets poached by some annoying squatter, well...there you go.

Sounds unlikely? Maybe.

Do you feel lucky?

That's the question. And, given the climate here on LJ lately, I don't.

As a result, I'm mulling over my options about how best to continue my URLs of the Day posts here on LJ. Because, dude, I want to keep bringing you all the freaky links, but I don't want to get banned.

I don't think that I've violated any laws with what I've linked to in the past. But, well, you know about assuming thing. So, for the time being, I've taken private any posts that I thought might be potential problems. Sorry for the inconvenience, guys.

I don't want to be an alarmist--far from it. I LIKE it here on LJ, and I don't have any plans to go anywhere. But I think I'm going to have to go back and look at some of my entries, and think real hard about what I post and/or link to, from here on out.


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