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I'll start this by saying I did my kid a huge disservice last semester, by doing a lot of his math homework for him. Even when he was sitting with me, watching me do the problems, I was the one working through them. I'm pretty sure the only reason he passed the 055 class (lowest remedial, basic math) is because his professor let him bring copies of two of the tests home to redo them -- and again, Matthew sat with me, but I did the bulk of the work.

He's in 065 this semester, which he has to have if he wants to pursue the diesel tech diploma, and if he wants to get a degree in either the diesel tech OR carpentry/construction, he'll have to go even higher. But I figure that's a problem for another day.

Right now, as of this date, in the 065 class, he's 100% on the homework and quizzes -- because they're online and at least in the case of the homework he can work the problems through until he gets 100%. The quizzes he's allowed two tries. With me helping, doing the bulk of the work, he's got the points there. But his first actual test grade -- even with two pages, front and back, of allowed notes -- he scored a 5%. Yeah. Five percent.

I told him from the get-go that if I helped him out with homework and quizzes, he still had to concentrate and get at least a 60% on each exam, in order to pass the class. That first exam score isn't exactly reassuring, and actually is going to make it harder, since he'll have to score even higher on the upcoming exams.

As far as I can tell -- and I plan to go to the school tomorrow to get Matthew and I in to see a guidance counselor to be sure -- if he pursues the carpentry/construction diploma he doesn't have to have any math beyond what he took last semester. This is what the checklist document says, when I pull it up:

Area 1 = Written Communication, Oral Communications, Humanities, or Heritage (3 credits)
Area 2 = Social/Behavioral Sciences, Natural Sciences, WPP 200, EFM 100, or Quantitative Reasoning (3 credits)

So, one class for each of those two areas, to be taken from any of the sections allowed. He could continue with math if he wanted, but it's not required.

He's struggling so much right now, and we're stressing each other out over and over with this. I've suggested the math lab for tutoring, or even the adult education center that he goes to for reading/writing stuff, but all he says is "I hate math, I don't want to do it". He doesn't seem to understand that if he won't do it, he's going to fail, and that will mess up his GPA and his chances for financial aid. I told him it's better to withdraw from the class now, than to get a failing grade. His GPA is a 2.0, but it wouldn't take much to nudge it down.

Am I wrong for suggesting he withdraw? I told him that if it turns out he does need the math, whether it's for the diploma track he's on right now, or if he decides to go for a degree, or whatever... he can take it another time.

I'm honestly starting to wonder if this was a good idea, pushing college. I don't know if he can do it. I'm not sure if he can. I don't want to sound defeatist or anything, but I'm sure feeling that way right now.

As always, advice, suggestions, hugs, whatever... always welcome.

ETA: Here's the checklist for the carpenter/construction diploma, if anyone wants to see it: http://apps.elizabethtown.kctcs.edu/advisors/docs/Construction_Technology/Construction_Carpenter_Diploma/checklist/checklist.pdf


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