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This entry and this poll, are happening because I am apparently an IDIOT who has spaced answering feedback on stories for... a while. Ugh. And I kind of hate that, because generally speaking, I answer feedback. I love the feedback I get for my stories, and I want people to know that, and sometimes I get behind, but never as bad as this. *shameface* I went back a year, and have more unanswered than not. So. Your thoughts, tell them to me:

[Poll #1552817]

In non-story, non-writing, non-feedback news, I think I have a mouse. Mice. Something. There's stuff under my kitchen sink that looks suspiciously like rodent droppings. Ugh. DO NOT WANT.


Apr. 1st, 2010 04:28 am
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So, I'm coding/moving/whatever-ing my Sentinel stories over to my AO3 account, right? Decided I'm just going to go down the page, make it easier on myself so I don't forget what's been done, what hasn't.

Got the first six stories on the page done (Magick, Primal Urges, Penance, Damage Control, Fine Mix of Heaven and Hell, Of Weddings & Revelations)...that's 260,500 words. For SIX stories. O_O

I really need to find my muse again, because this not-writing shit I got going on? NOT AMUSING. Especially not when the evidence of just how much I used to write is right in front of me.
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I can remember -- albeit vaguely, but still! -- the days when I could just sit down and write, and it didn't feel like pulling teeth to get every word down.

Now I'm easily distracted, pulled away, and I really hate it. I have the story all in my head, I just can't seem to settle to get it out. ARGH.

*goes back to poking at boys who are AGAIN...talking*
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I have the Beastie Boys and the Zombies' lyrics mixing in my head right now. It's not a pretty picture.

I sent an email off to Rhonda a little while ago asking (begging) if she'll call in an antibiotic scrip for me, since to my not-inexperienced self, my cold's morphed from a cold into something resembling a sinus infection/bronchitis mix. Coughing, wheezing, sinus pain/pressure, low-grade fever that comes and goes, body aches. Yeah, we're having fun now! Bleh. It's the wheezing that's most troubling, because it takes so little to push my asthma over from controlled to out-of-control.

Meanwhile, my exchange story, which was barreling along nicely last night, has stalled out. It's hard to get motivated to write when you feel like roadkill, but I'm going to give it a shot here in a little bit.

I've seen a lot of folks on my flist tallying up their writing for the past year. Mine looks something like this:

SPN (mostly Sam/Dean, a couple of others): 11 stories, ~26,325 words
RPS (Jared/Jensen): 6 stories, ~46,910 words

Total: 17 stories, ~73,235 words

There were probably a few comment ficlets and some drabbles scattered in amongst there, but yeah. Not my most productive year, which is really kind of funny when you consider that I've been unemployed since August. I think I need to consider that, when I'm looking at goals for 2010.

I had some other stuff I wanted to ponder, but it's stuff best flocked and filtered, so I'll leave that for another time (hopefully a time also when my head doesn't feel like it's about to explode). Ugh.

Now to see what I can do with Sam and Dean.
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3000+ words in, and they're STILL JUST TALKING. *headdesk*

Why, boys? Why do you hate me so much?
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I hope everyone takes a moment today to remember the men and women who lost their lives on this day, in 1941.

I genuinely hope someday I can get out to Hawaii, so I can pay my respects to the memorial in person.

I was thinking about Pearl Harbor the other day, in a sort of weird, random fashion: both big bang stories I've written have mentioned or dealt with December 7th. In the first one, it was a catalyst for the other events that shaped the story (much as it was catalyst for so many other events that shaped America's history as well as world history). It was a huge event in Sam and Dean's lives; their lives were forever changed because of events that dominoed from it. In this year's story, it was history. Jared's offhand thought is, "sorry it happened, but I'm tired of hearing about it on it the news, let's change the channel."

Kind of weird, the differences in attitude -- and not intentional on my part, just, writing characters THEN and NOW. Pearl Harbor was a real, live event for so many; for the generations that followed, it's something they heard stories of (maybe) or (more likely) read about in history books.

Anyway, it was just something I found kind of interesting; that it's in both my BB stories, in some way.

Unrelated to that, another big THANK YOU to everyone for all the snowflakes decorating my userpage :) It's been pretty awesome, watching all the love showing up on my flist :)
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Good morning, LJ! How was everyone's weekend?

Mine was...sorta/kinda productive, but not as much as I'd have liked. (Which means, basically, I didn't get the laundry finished, but whatever.) Matthew's sick right now; a nasty chest-cold thing that includes a cough which makes me cringe every time I hear it. I kept him home from school today, because he had a rough weekend -- yesterday included laying quietly on the couch, and dozing off and on for most of the day. For those of you who know my kid, you know how very unusual that is. The kids have tomorrow off, for election day, so I figured one extra day to let him rest up, was probably a good idea.

Did some writing, though not the writing I had planned to do. But, I've determined this is going to be one HELL of a busy summer, writing-wise. I have several stories on my hard drive (Supernatural--we're not even going to discuss the popslash stuff at the moment, because my brain just is not in a popslash place right now; sorry, [livejournal.com profile] nopseud.) that need finishing up. I have my [livejournal.com profile] spn_50 story to do -- and I think I have a pretty good idea now of what I'm going to write. I have all sorts of unformed, nonspecific thoughts about Colts, Winchesters, Mary, etc. -- and onto that, [livejournal.com profile] lyra_wing added time travel. Because I needed more ideas, yeah.

Continuing in the vein of "ideas I didn't need to have", is a kink thing. Y'know those 25-challenges? Yeah, something like that. I mentioned it to [livejournal.com profile] wendy yesterday, as we were chatting, thinking of ME, specifically...but the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if there would be anyone else interested in doing something like that. All the other 25 challenges/comms I've seen have had people having to sign up for a specific pairing or general fandom--but I'm thinking that's kind of limiting.

So, if there was no cut-off on how many people could sign up for a pairing, would there be interest in doing a "kink/fetish 25"?

Here, have a poll with some more questions about kinks and kinkfic. )

I had weird dreams last night. The first couple of hours had something to do with taking a trip on one of those "AeroBus" planes with [livejournal.com profile] agt_spooky. I'm not sure where we were going, just that it had something to do with Supernatural. I know that's a surprise. *g* I woke up to use the bathroom, and so the second half of the night was Dr. Who-ish. Rose and Ten were in it, as were a couple of other people I recognized, but can't place, now. And part of it took place at the airport -- maybe related to the first half of the dream, heh.

Why can't I ever dream about Sam, Dean, or SamandDean? Sheesh.

I'm leaving this post unlocked, so as to get as wide a response as possible to the poll. So, if you want, feel free to send peoples over here to answer; that'd be really great :)


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