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A Promise Made to be Broken - Chris/Lance. NC17. Some promises aren't meant to be kept.

"Yeah." If he turns his hand over, palm up, Lance's fingers slide in between his. Just fingers sliding together. Not holding hands, not- "This is just friends, right? Helping-each other out." His voice sounds as raw as the words feel. Rewind, he thinks frantically. I don't want to fuck this up. Need to rewind, start over. "Promise, Lance."

There's a pause and Lance uncurls just a little, and Chris wonders if he's already too late in saying anything. "Okay." Another pause, the space between them heavy and uncertain. "Just friends," Lance says the words slowly, his voice sleep-heavy.

Part of the Don't Ask Me Why Challenge
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Also found on my hard drive. The things you find when you clean 'house'! And I'm obviously in a theme-ish sort of mind.

All That I Am. Chris/Lance. R. Note: contains BDSM.

All That I Am )
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A bit of kinda cracked-out Trickyfish *g* For [livejournal.com profile] rhyssj, who shares my odd kinks :)

Dream A Little Dream For Me )
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This can totally be blamed by repeated viewings of the vid clip "Lean on Me" from the Atlantis concert, as well as Kokomo on repeat on WimAmp.

Feel The Night. Chris/Lance. Rish. (I guess *g*)

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I posted this yesterday in [livejournal.com profile] adelate's LJ, in response to this, but thought I'd put it out here and share. Just a snippet, but what a pretty visual, half-nekid, damp baby!Lance...and Chris, ready to pounce... mmm :)

Oh, um. NC17ish *g*

And Ice? I haven't forgotten the bunny *g* Promise!

baby!TF Ficlet )
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My brain is a weird place today. I was pondering a conversation with a friend from last night, and feeling kind of melancholy, and oddly, wanting some trickyfish. Wanting to write some trickyfish. So, here 'tis.

No warnings, no rating. Just a little sweetness.

Right Here )
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Well, [livejournal.com profile] gblvr is having an icky day, and [livejournal.com profile] pierson had a crappy night, so I thought I'd see what I could come up with to say 'feel better!'. It's longer than a drabble, but not really a story. Hope you enjoy it :-)

It's all in the eyes, Lance thinks, watching Chris bouncing around backstage.

The eyes, the way they express everything he's feeling, even when he won't say anything.

Like now, if Lance looks closely, he can see Chris' eyes are shining, brimming with the energy and excitement he's feeling. Yes, the bouncing gives it away, too, but Lance thinks he would be able to tell exactly what Chris was feeling if he had nothing but the eyes to go on.

He's seen them in the entire range of emotions: happy, when they shine and sparkle as though Chris is lit from within. Sad, when they glitter, but don't shine, liquid diamond tears hovering sometimes just beyond falling, but there, sheening them, adding a layer Lance hates to see. Angry, when soft, deep brown becomes cold and dark, an inner black hole that seems to swallow everything else, drowning Chris inside it. Mischievous, when his eyes appear to take on a rainbow prism, the sparkle increasing, fluctuating, making it look as though Chris' eyes are a night-time sky filled with multicolored diamonds. Love, when soft brown goes even softer, and the shine becomes a glow. A glow that warms Lance, even when it's cold outside, or all around him.

And then there's lust.

Lust is the deep of anger, with the sparkle of happy and the glow of love, and the layers and depths added to it that speak of a hunger Lance can only imagine. Chris doesn't do anything part way; when he loves, it's with every fiber of himself, when he's angry, it's all-consuming, when he's happy, it's manic and hyper. And when he wants, hungers, needs, it becomes him, swallowing him down, reflecting itself through his eyes, making him look predatory – even if he's the prey.

Lust is what Lance sees tonight when he presses Chris against the first solid wall they find, not caring if their bandmates are around, not caring who might see. Adrenaline is high from a good show, and hunger burns within both of them. And when Chris raises one leg and hooks it around Lance's waist, pulling him in closer, Lance wonders if he doesn't drown in Chris' eyes every single time he looks into them, no matter what emotion it is.

Because it's all in the eyes.

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Because [livejournal.com profile] gblvr has had a really crummy week, and I promised her some Trickyfish. Which turned out to be a lot more difficult than I'd thought. Guess I need to do more TF, huh? *g* Anyway, not so much with the smut...but the promise is there :-)

Aaaaaaaaaand, I'm showing off my new Trickyfish icon, thanks to the pix [livejournal.com profile] batgrrl1975 posted.

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So, Heather wanted to a Chris-fists-Lance...which honestly, I wasn't sure I could do. I kinda see Chris as the fistee. AnyWAY *g* Here's a snippet.

Warning for kink: of the fisting type :-) You've been warned. If it squicks you and you read it anyway, don't fuss about it.

Enjoy, hon!

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So, yes. Late again. Seems to be the way life goes. *g* Anyway...for Heather's birthday (and really. Only 14 hours late!) a kinky!Trickyfish fic. Warnings for this: bdsm. More s/m than the other letters, but a bit of all of them. Enjoy :-)

In The Eye of the Beholder

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Another kiss ficlet! For Heather, 'cos she has the book *g*


Unexpected )
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This is Rhys' birthday present ;-) It was a few days late, but I had good intentions.

Okay, this one comes with warnings. Mega-warnings. I'm doing it as a cutaway, just to be on the safe side. It's actually not so much a warning for graphic sex, 'cos, well, I wouldn't warn for that *g* No, herein lies Kink!fic. Specifically, this story contains watersports (also known as Golden Showers). If that's not your thing, do us all a favor and don't read it. It's not going to do either of us any good to torture yourself with something that'll squick you, and then torture me with comments about how evil and awful and perverted I am. I already know this about myself *g*

(Never have done this cutaway thing before, here's hoping I did it right...)

Defining Moment
by Kim G.
(rest to follow...)

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With lots of thanks to Shine, Lucy, Dacey, Mel and Emmy. Especially, for this, to Lucy -- 'cos she loves baby!sync as much as me *g*

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