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(former) High school band members: say you have Saturday practice. How long would a regular practice last? Ballpark figure.
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As they're relevant to my Big Bang. Anyone who can answer these will have my undying devotion :)

Life Insurance: in the event of a death (auto accident, not the policy holder's fault), how soon would the named beneficiary receive the payout? Is it paid as a lump sum, or in installments? Are taxes taken out of it, or does the beneficiary have to take care of that?

Auto Insurance: how would this work, if it's the fault of the other party? Would that party's insurance contact the survivors of the accident, or do the survivors have to do the contacting? Presumably doctor bills, etc., would be either paid up front or reimbursed by the party at fault?

Medical: you have a 16yr old brought to your ER. Both parents are dead; nearest surviving relative is on the way, but not expected for several hours. Patient is bleeding internally, in addition to a broken leg and assorted contusions, etc. Would the doctors take the patient into surgery w/out a signed consent form, rather than risk patient's life further? Or would they be forced to wait? Could the emergency (non-relative) contact give prelim consent for the surgery?

Any help is greatly appreciated :)
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How do I go about saving audio from a youtube video? I don't care about the video, but I'd love to have the song itself.

The link is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JYr534k-Eo - if anyone can lend a hand? Thank you :)
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Have any of y'all heard of Rachel's Challenge? Has anyone been to one of the assembly/meetings?

Matthew came home from school all !!!!! about it -- they had an assembly today at school for this, and they're having it again at 7p and he wants me to go, and quite frankly I don't want to. I can't help but think if it's this big, huge thing they want optimal attendance for, then they could've sent something out oh, even yesterday, to let us know.
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For any who might be able to answer, or direct me toward answers.

If you have lymphedema, who diagnosed it? Do I need to see a specialist, or start with my PCP?

If it was a specialist, what sort of specialist?

If you've been dx'd, are you receiving treatment? What kind of treatment, and by whom? Have you noticed an improvement in the swelling? Has it worsened?

I've been doing some reading on lymphedema, and a lot of the articles have talked about pain management/control -- and I was puzzled at first, because what pain? Except lately, probably in the last month or so, I've noticed some recurring pain in the area where the swelling is the worst (about midway between my groin and my knee). The swelling has increased, as well, which I'm pretty sure is NOT a good thing.

So. Any suggestions, information, advice anyone might care to offer, please feel free :) And if you're not comfortable discussing it in comments, feel free to PM me or email me at ohmickeym at gmail dot com.
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In the on-going pursuit of gathering enough money to make rent this month, I'm taking some things to one of the local antique dealers tomorrow -- some tools that belonged to my grandfather, a couple of dolls, those sorts of things. But. I also have an antique sewing machine -- dates back to the 30's or 40's, I believe -- that belonged to my grandmother. My grandpa refinished the wooden cabinet it's housed in, and as far as I know it's in good, working condition (I don't sew, so I have no clue; I have it purely for sentimental reasons).

My question(s) is/are this: how/by whom would I go about getting it appraised? Would an antique dealer do that? (I really don't want to have to haul this thing around, it's heavy as sin.) Would I (could I) research it's worth online, via a serial number (assuming it has one)?

If y'all had such a beast to consider selling, would you go through an antique dealer/store, or would you try the craigslist/want ads/ebay approach? I can't even imagine doing it via ebay, to be honest; even trying to guesstimate what shipping might be makes me feel faint.

So, thoughts? Any input is likely to be helpful :)
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I'm looking for a Sam/Dean story. The guys are in Sedona, AZ and Dean gets roofied, basically. Sam takes Dean to eat and they end up having to take it to go because Dean's getting all snuggly and lovey. At first they think it's a sex drug, but it's more affection; and when Sam's in the bathroom, or something, Dean roofies him (as per the instructions of the woman who drugged Dean), and it's Sam who gets the "super lust" hit.

I keep thinking the title is "Dioscuri", but I'm not completely sure. I know it's not the ficlet [livejournal.com profile] memphis86 did.

So, anyone?

ETA: Found! Down in comments, if anyone else wants to read it :)
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(I'm not actually here, see. I'm really off being a good girl and working on my Big Bang. *these aren't the droids you're looking for*)

Okay. Story I'm looking for is future-ish; it would've been post S3 or maybe S4, when we were all still not sure if Sam was supposed to be going darkside. It's after evil's been banished, or whatever, and it's Sam/Dean. Sam can't talk -- he and Dean use sign language to communicate. Well, Sam uses it to talk, and obviously Dean has to know it so he knows what Sam's saying. The big reveal of the story is that Sam just doesn't talk, by choice, because if he talks, people do what he tells them. Like a bigger, stronger version of Andy's psychic ability. I think he does say something outloud at the very end of the story, and there's a girl involved somehow.

Ring any bells?

ETA: Found it! That Thing That's Golden. Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] killabeez :)
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Hey, y'all :) I come humbly before you once more, hoping someone can help me. I'm looking for a J2 story. It's an AU in which Jared is a novelist, and Jensen does carpentry/remodeling on houses. Sandy has left Jared, and he's depressed and unhappy and drinking a lot. Jared forgets that the remodelers are coming, and greets Jensen at the door hungover and barely human. They fall for each other while Jared's house is being fixed up, and I think there's a dinner meeting with assorted parentals -- and JDM is Jensen's dad/stepdad.

Ringing any bells?
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WWE/RPS fanfic. Specifically, I want Matt Hardy/Jeff Hardy or Jeff Hardy/John Morrison. Or, y'know, Matt/Jeff/John. I'm good with threesomes ;)

I know it's out there somewhere. Sesame Street slash exists, for heaven's sake. And Care Bears. THERE HAS TO BE WWE SLASH SOMEWHERE. Someone please tell me where to find it? I'll be forever grateful. (And god, don't tell my kid. Yikes.)
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I turn to you, O Flist, because the Flist Knows All.

The book I'm looking for is (god, don't judge me!) one of the Harlequin-types. Like, SuperRomance, or, y'know, one of the slightly-racier-than-the-average-Harlequin-titles. (Silhouettes, I think. Like the Silhouettes Desire books.)

Premise/summary of the story: A couple separates due to marital misunderstandings and lack of time together. She goes to Colorado with their two kids (boy and girl) to stay with her mom in her childhood hometown (small ski-resort town). Turns out she's pregnant with kid #3, which her soon-to-be-ex finds out for sure when he shows up on the doorstep on Halloween, having driven from Los Angeles in an attempt to reconcile. Dad is a driven exec who has trouble unwinding and letting go, and eventually he takes on baking in an attempt to get rid of excess energy and so on. There are a couple of attempts by the kids to make it so their parents have to spend time together (most notable is when they trick Dad into the bathroom while Mom is taking a bath, then lock the door from the outside). Mom goes into labor on Christmas Eve in the midst of The Big Snowstorm. (And they live happily ever after.)

Does this sound remotely familiar to anyone? *hopes*

*note: I'm pretty sure I read it some time in the early-to-mid-90's, if that helps any.
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Okay, flist. I know I've asked this before, but. Tell me where I can find Torchwood/Dr. Who icons, please?

Ta muchly :)
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I'm looking for The Care of Infants, by Stellahobbit. It's HP/SS, and the gist of the story is that Harry's been cursed back to infancy, and needs to be hidden/cared for until either a cure for the curse is found, or he grows up. It's not chan; there's no sex happening until Harry is 17/18ish (or thereabouts).

The author's LJ has been deleted, and the link I have goes to Walking The Plank, where I get a message that the story isn't available because it hasn't been validated by the administrators, whatever that means.

So, does anyone have it saved somewhere? Or know of a working LJ link? I'm pretty sure it was a holiday challenge story, but I couldn't even begin to say from which year. 2006, maybe?


And NOW I'm going to bed. Dammit.

ETA: Found! Link is below in comments, if anyone else wants it :)
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I'm having trouble finding what I need, just googling, so if anyone can help me out here:

What are some fruits that are native to Germany, and when are those fruits in season?

Also, for the German speakers amongst you, how do you say "mother-in-law" in German?

Danke :)
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Well, sorta. More like a 'how to credit/present' something, within the story.

Part of the story encompasses 1941, and specifically there will be a scene where the characters are listening to Roosevelt's address to Congress (on the radio), after the attack on Pearl Harbor. December 7th, a day which will live in infamy... etc.

I want the address in the story, because I want to write the characters' reactions to it, while listening. What happens after is very key to the story. So--do I just incorporate the address, putting it in italics, and put a footnote at the end of the story? Or is there some other way to note that I'm simply borrowing the words? (And someone please tell me why on earth I seem to write fanfic that inspires footnotes? Yeesh.)

Any suggestions would be most helpful, thank you! :)

Also, I fail EPICALLY at writing today. I think I added about two dozen words. *sigh* But laundry's done, so I guess that's a fair trade-off?
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Expect me to be spammy with the questions. I'm writing, man. *headdesk*

1930's/1940's, sleeping arrangements for same-sex siblings: probably shared a room, yes? If they did, would they have had twin/single beds, or shared a double? Also, did houses back then (assume the house was built right around the turn of the century, since this would be an older farm house) have closets? I'm thinking no, that wardrobes were used.

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I'm looking for two songs. Does anyone have a copy of Steve Carlson's Ballad of Denim Boy and Grey Girl and/or of Kareem Salama's Baby I'm A Soldier they could upload for me? I heard the songs while watching some songvids, and really liked them.

I might have ordered Kareem's CDs, too, but don't tell. I've looked around through Google for the Steve Carlson song, but keep finding everything but.

So, anyone? I can offer my undying love and gratitude, and possibly a drabble or two :)
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So, I'm doing this [livejournal.com profile] spn_j2_bigbang thing. *g* And because I'm an idiot an overachiever obviously touched in the head, I've decided to do a WWII a/u. So I have some questions, for whomever may know the answers, or have suggestions as to where I could find the information.

1) Nazi war criminal trials. When did they begin, how many years did they continue, was information about trials held (for example) in the US broadcast via television to other countries, such as Germany.

2) Is/was blacksmithing still a useful/viable profession in rural European villages/towns, in the 50's and early 60's?

3) Were major US-related events (like the arrest/trial of the Rosenbergs) aired in Europe, particularly post-war Germany?

4) I know (roughly) what post-war America was like, in terms of income, education, etc. But what was post-war Europe (again, Germany in particular) like? What was the situation with things such as television(s), broadcasting, information availability?

I'm sure I'll have other questions *g* But those are good for a start, and ANY information about any of those will be very, very happily and gratefully accepted.
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Question for those who might know:

Character A goes to the local free (or not, but in this case it is) clinic for a persistant cough/fever. The doctor wants to do xrays to rule out pneumonia, but Character A can't remember when she last had her period, so she orders a pregnancy test. Would it be a blood test, or something on the order of a pee-on-a-stick test? If it's a blood test, how quickly do the results come back?

Thank you!
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But on the offhand chance anyone knows these stories, help?

Story the first: Sam/Dean, a/uish. Dean wakes up to find himself in a different life; one where Mary's still alive, and they aren't demon hunters. He and Sam are lovers -- like he and his Sam, in his real life. He keeps a journal at first, writing down things he remembers, so he doesn't forget. Sam is going to a college in Kansas, a couple hours a way, but always comes home on the weekend. I distinctly remember Dean asking Sam to tell him how they got together, he wants to hear Sam's version, and Sam tells him it was after "mom miscarried the baby".

Story the second: Jared/Jensen. Jensen's a single parent; he and his son run into (literally) Jared while playing soccer at the local park. Jensen's wife died, I think. There's also something in there about Chris not wanting to cover any christmas songs, because it's 'selling out', or something, and he and Steve fight about it. And he ends up doing it anyway, and Steve comes to the bar and hears him and they make up.

So. Anyone?


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