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President Roosevelt called it 'a date which live in infamy'. )

A lot of time has gone by since that date. It's been 70 years. The majority of the survivors of Pearl Harbor -- and WWII in general -- are gone; the ones who are still around are in their late 80's and 90's. There's been a lot of wars and conflicts fought since then, and horrible, tragic events get lost within a tide of other horrible, tragic events.

I read an article on CNN.com yesterday, where concern was expressed by the Pearl Harbor survivors, about how it's not being mentioned much any more. Matthew told me tonight that nothing was ever mentioned in his American history class about Pearl Harbor. This makes me so sad, because tragedy -- wherever it happened, whenever it happened, whoever it happened to -- shouldn't ever be forgotten.

I've heard and read in different places (including the article linked above) that members of our government (the US, that is) made it possible for the attack to happen. I don't know how much truth there is or isn't to that. But however it came about, it needs to be remembered.

It needs to be remembered so it never happens again, anywhere, ever.


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