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Last post for the day, I SWEAR :)

So yesterday, it was Band Aid. Today, it's Nsync. If you've hung around this journal for any longer than, oh, a week, you probably know I love Nsync. Popslash was my primary fandom for over five years, and it wasn't just because the boys are pretty :) They really can sing, too!

These are two of my favorites of their holiday music:

[ Nsync - I Guess It's Christmas Time ] - mp3, ~4MB

[ Nsync - All I Want Is You This Christmas ] - mp3, ~3MB

Why are they my favorites? Well, because they spotlight Chris's voice. He's the counter-tenor, and his voice is high, clear and pure, and it blends with JC's like magic. So, yeah.

Enjoy :)
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By way of [livejournal.com profile] trumpeterofdoom I wish I could say thanks, but:

Pearlman Preyed On Young Men

Boy band svengali LOU PEARLMAN has been branded a "pervy paedophile" who took advantage of BACKSTREET BOYS singer NICK CARTER, by the manager's former assistant. Steve Mooney claims the 53-year-old - who has managed both the Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync - preyed on the young men, including Carter, 27. Mooney tells Vanity Fair, "I would absolutely say the guy was a sexual predator. All the talent knew what Lou's game was." Phoenix Stone, an early member of the Backstreet Boys and Carter's mother Jane, have both backed up the claims. Jane Carter says, "Certain things happened and it almost destroyed our family. I tried to warn everyone. I tried to warn all the mothers... tried to expose him for what he was years ago." Pearlman is currently awaiting trial on bank fraud charges in a Florida jail. A spokesman for Pearlman was unavailable for comment.

Sleazeball Behind Boybands

October 2, 2007 -- LOU Pearlman - the hog-fat, boy-band honcho who created *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys and launched the careers of Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter - was a pervy pedophile who preyed on the young men he mentored, Vanity Fair reports.

"I would absolutely say the guy was a sexual predator. All the talent knew what Lou's game was," Steve Mooney, an aspiring singer who was Pearlman's assistant, told VF's Bryan Burrough. "Some guys joked about it. I remember [one singer] asking me, 'Have you let Lou [fellate] you yet?' "

Mooney said he once asked Pearlman, who was known as "Big Poppa," what it would take for him to get into a band. "I'll never forget this as long as I live. He leaned back in his chair, in his white terry cloth robe and white underwear, and spread his legs," Mooney told Burrough. "And then he said, and these were his exact words, 'You're a smart boy. Figure it out.' " Mooney added that a singer groped by Pearlman told him, "Look, if a guy wants to massage me, and I'm getting a million dollars for it, you just go along with it. It's the price you got to pay."

Phoenix Stone, an early member of the Backstreet Boys, tells Vanity Fair Pearlman was "definitely inappropriate" with Nick Carter. Nick's mom, Jane Carter, wouldn't get into specifics, but said, "Certain things happened and it almost destroyed our family. I tried to warn everyone. I tried to warn all the mothers . . . I tried to expose him for what he was years ago."

Tim Christofore, a member of Take 5, recalls that during a sleepover at Pearlman's house, the music czar swan-dived onto his and another boy's bed and wrestled with them wearing only in a towel, which came off. "We were like, 'Ooh, Lou, that's gross.' What did I know? I was 13," Christofore told Vanity Fair.

Rich Cronin, lead singer of LFO, recalled Pearlman told him of an "ancient massage technique that if I massage you and we bond in a certain way, it will strengthen your aura."

Pearlman, 53, is in a Florida jail awaiting trial on bank fraud charges. Prosecutors say he scammed more than 1,000 investors out of $315 million. He'd been a fugitive until June when he was busted in Indonesia, living under a fake name. His lawyer did not return calls from Page Six.
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The Greatest Gift - Chris, through Bev's eyes. No pairing, no warnings.

for [livejournal.com profile] hammerhead22. happy birthday, honey :)

Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] kittenfishlambs and [livejournal.com profile] pierson for the impromptu readings for me :)

The Greatest Gift )
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Shortly after a conversation halo and I had about why writing wasn't working so well for me, and how I needed to be truer to myself and not try to censor myself to what I think others want to read...my brain threw this at me.

It's not rated, because I don't know what rating to give it. It's also not slash, exactly, so it's fairly different from what I normally do. I'm putting the warning at the end, in case someone doesn't want spoilers, but understand that there IS a warning attached to this.

Lots of thanks and hugs to [livejournal.com profile] jchalo, [livejournal.com profile] rhyssj, [livejournal.com profile] lilysaid and [livejournal.com profile] pierson for handholding and betaing. Y'all rock.

Nevermore )

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This is mostly for my reference, but if anyone else benefits from it, rock on :)

Okay. So, I've rewatched Driven.

According to the tape, in 1996, Johnny was over in Germany where he was managing (for Transcon) BSB, along with two other acts. Jan Bolz contacted him, said they really like all the american groups coming over, and were there any others Jan and his fellow execs could take a look at.

Johnny has a 2 song CD and a picture of the Nsync boys that he shares with Jan; upon hearing it, Jan indicates interest in going to Orlando to listen to the boys live. Johnny then flies back to Orlando himself to meet for the first time with the Nsync boys and let them know about BMG's interest. Major rehersing ensues.

Jan and one of his cronies comes to Orlando, meets with the boys, watches them perform (possibly the April showcase at Dr. Phillips High?). Really impressed, thinks they're very talented. Meets with Johnny, who then meets with the guys, tells them BMG is interested, but with two conditions:

1) must change the name; too difficult for Germans to say (and what the heck does it mean?)

2) drop Lance; he's not at the same level as the other guys.

Haggling ensues; Johnny says in Driven they all agree Lance isn't going anywhere -- presumably that means Johnny (and probably? possibly? Lou, as well).

The result ends up being the guys are offered a contract with BMG/Transcon.

At this point in Driven it's mentioned that Lou invites Johnny in to manage the group. Presumably goes along with the contract signing, since it's not mentioned prior, and the Driven timeline seems to be pretty chronological.

Possible/Probable timeline:

April '96 - Dr. Phillips showcase (possibly attended by BMG reps?)
June/July '96 - offer made for contract, with conditions; counteroffer made, haggling over conditions, etc.
August '96 - contract signed; Johnny signed as manager; boys go to Europe


I've noticed in fanfic, we've given Lou close to god-like powers; he's always around, there's always the 'if Lou hears', 'if Lou finds out', 'if Lou ______'. Can anyone confirm (or deny) that Lou was in Germany on a regular basis with the guys? Or Johnny? Obviously some sort of management guidance was required...why do we all assume it was Lou?

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My brain is a weird place today. I was pondering a conversation with a friend from last night, and feeling kind of melancholy, and oddly, wanting some trickyfish. Wanting to write some trickyfish. So, here 'tis.

No warnings, no rating. Just a little sweetness.

Right Here )
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Written with [livejournal.com profile] jchalo.
This is a follow-up to Belonging. NC17, with warnings for bdsm -- mostly D/s, but mentions of s/m play.

Marked )
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Because apparently, Halo + Kim = crack!fic:

kim: i like the visual of them getting groceries together. because--yeah. imagine them going into the grocery late at night, some 24 hour thing, hell, maybe superwalmart... and chris popping wheelies with the grocery cart while jc tries to decide between pears or oranges... or radichio or some other lettuce...
kim: and then arguing over if it's better to buy store brand, or name brand and use coupons.
halo: yes! and JC buys kumquats because they sound dirty.
halo: i always envision him doing that in my head.
kim: or Chris making obscene gestures with the carrots :-)
halo: and Chris tries on all the sunhats and sunglasses and puts on fake accents.

and lo and behold, a fic was born…

Grocery Day- [R] - JC/Chris- written with [livejournal.com profile] jchalo via aim

Grocery Day )
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I'm pretty sure this is [livejournal.com profile] jchalo's fault. Even if she's leashed right now.

NC17ish. And, yeah. Warning for watersports. Sorta.

If it squicks you, for heaven's sake, don't read it :) If you're feeling adventurous, then onward! (Really--fairly tame *g*)

Helping Hand )
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mprov done on AIM with [livejournal.com profile] jchalo. NC17. No kinks or warnings!*g*

Touch )
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More kinky porn! Co-written with [livejournal.com profile] jchalo on AIM.

JC/Chris/Lance [NC-17] -warning for mild D/S

Belonging )
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JC/Justin. NC17, warning for slight bloodplay

Geez, I think this is my first post of the day, too. (Halo says it's hers.) Written on AIM as our version of an mprov *g* She made me write adult!JuC! (as opposed to baby!JuC *g*). And yeah. We seem to enable each other. *tsks*

Please )
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So, I a thought, and then another one, and the next thing I know, my brain has JC spread over Chris' lap, legs open wide...and yeah. It was a lovely visual. So, this is kind of wanking-voyeur-exhibitionistic type fic, with a GSF-ish flavor. Sort of. *shrugs helplessly* I'm not really sure how to classify it, either, without giving it away. It's sorta Chris/JC, and it's JC/? -- because if I say who the ? is, it'll spoil it :-) You read and decide. And let me know if you guessed or not ;-)

(Inspired by the LOVELY rimming fic Lickshots)

GSFish Thing )
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So, another friend to cheer up, another fic bit :-) Seems to work better for the mproving :-)(ooh, and a new icon--one of the kink series Gale and I are using between us!)

Lick )
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So, I wrote the Trickyfish bit and was still in a writing mood...but not for anything on my hard drive *g* This is the result. For [livejournal.com profile] missellis, just 'cos.

Sleep )
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Well, [livejournal.com profile] gblvr is having an icky day, and [livejournal.com profile] pierson had a crappy night, so I thought I'd see what I could come up with to say 'feel better!'. It's longer than a drabble, but not really a story. Hope you enjoy it :-)

It's all in the eyes, Lance thinks, watching Chris bouncing around backstage.

The eyes, the way they express everything he's feeling, even when he won't say anything.

Like now, if Lance looks closely, he can see Chris' eyes are shining, brimming with the energy and excitement he's feeling. Yes, the bouncing gives it away, too, but Lance thinks he would be able to tell exactly what Chris was feeling if he had nothing but the eyes to go on.

He's seen them in the entire range of emotions: happy, when they shine and sparkle as though Chris is lit from within. Sad, when they glitter, but don't shine, liquid diamond tears hovering sometimes just beyond falling, but there, sheening them, adding a layer Lance hates to see. Angry, when soft, deep brown becomes cold and dark, an inner black hole that seems to swallow everything else, drowning Chris inside it. Mischievous, when his eyes appear to take on a rainbow prism, the sparkle increasing, fluctuating, making it look as though Chris' eyes are a night-time sky filled with multicolored diamonds. Love, when soft brown goes even softer, and the shine becomes a glow. A glow that warms Lance, even when it's cold outside, or all around him.

And then there's lust.

Lust is the deep of anger, with the sparkle of happy and the glow of love, and the layers and depths added to it that speak of a hunger Lance can only imagine. Chris doesn't do anything part way; when he loves, it's with every fiber of himself, when he's angry, it's all-consuming, when he's happy, it's manic and hyper. And when he wants, hungers, needs, it becomes him, swallowing him down, reflecting itself through his eyes, making him look predatory – even if he's the prey.

Lust is what Lance sees tonight when he presses Chris against the first solid wall they find, not caring if their bandmates are around, not caring who might see. Adrenaline is high from a good show, and hunger burns within both of them. And when Chris raises one leg and hooks it around Lance's waist, pulling him in closer, Lance wonders if he doesn't drown in Chris' eyes every single time he looks into them, no matter what emotion it is.

Because it's all in the eyes.

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I swear I was working on the Trickyfish. But, I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] jchalo too, and so this must be her fault. 'Cos she kept giving me all these JC pix!

Anyway, just a bit of mprov fun. Nothing to warn for, just a bit of fun, clean smut :-)

Smutty )
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Because [livejournal.com profile] gblvr has had a really crummy week, and I promised her some Trickyfish. Which turned out to be a lot more difficult than I'd thought. Guess I need to do more TF, huh? *g* Anyway, not so much with the smut...but the promise is there :-)

Aaaaaaaaaand, I'm showing off my new Trickyfish icon, thanks to the pix [livejournal.com profile] batgrrl1975 posted.

Possibility )
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More adventures in mprov with the wonderful [livejournal.com profile] jchalo...this time it's TrickC.

Flesh and Blood- where JC has a little kink.

[warning for bloodplay content]

Flesh and Blood )
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This is probably safer and more digestable than the last fic I posted *g*

Kinda mprov-ish in that I wrote it in about an hour, maybe less. Not sure. I just--wanted to write something but didn't want to work on anything on my hard drive. Go figure. *g*

And of course the world needs more wanking fic, right, Halo?

Enjoy, y'all :-)

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