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I recorded/created an mp3 from the YouTube clip of JC singing "Don't Stop Believing", with Matt Morrison.

If you're interested, feel free to grab it, but please don't hotlink it anywhere.

Don't Stop Believing - right click and save as. File is ~4.1MB, and in .mp3 format.

If you do snag it, could you drop me a comment and let me know? Thanks :)
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Some of my favorite songs, and I thought I'd share with y'all :)

Little Drummer Boy - Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band (originally done on the Very Special Christmas compilation.)

I Believe in Father Christmas - Greg Lake

Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Prince of Peace) - The Trans Siberian Orchestra
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Man, I love Martina McBride's music -- the woman has the most gorgeous voice ever, I swear.

But some of her songs are so incredibly painful to listen to. I'd forgotten how Concrete Angel makes me all teary.

Lyrics: )

And if anyone wants to hear it (it's an absolutely gorgeous song), here, have a music file: Concrete Angel - Martina McBride

Right-click and save as :)
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First, oh, my god, THANK YOU to everyone who's given me a snowflake cookie! My Userpage looks so pretty with all those yummy cookies on there :) *hugs friends tight*

I love 'The Little Drummer Boy'. I love the lyrics, I love the message, I love the song, period. When the Christmas season rolled around every year, and the holiday shows were aired, the original claymation version of The Little Drummer Boy was my absolute favorite of all the shows.

Of all the song versions I've heard over the years, though, the one I love the most is Bob Seger's version, originally done for the first volume of A Very Special Christmas.

Here's a clip of Bob talking about how he ended up doing that particular song:

And here's the original, animated clip:

And a couple more youtube vids under the cut :) )

And finally, a couple of mp3 links (right-click, save as):

Little Drummer Boy - John Denver

Little Drummer Boy - Neil Diamond

Enjoy :)
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I'm looking for two songs. Does anyone have a copy of Steve Carlson's Ballad of Denim Boy and Grey Girl and/or of Kareem Salama's Baby I'm A Soldier they could upload for me? I heard the songs while watching some songvids, and really liked them.

I might have ordered Kareem's CDs, too, but don't tell. I've looked around through Google for the Steve Carlson song, but keep finding everything but.

So, anyone? I can offer my undying love and gratitude, and possibly a drabble or two :)
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I'm always kind of surprised when I run across a music file I don't remember dling, and this one is absolutely gorgeous. It's off the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack, but it fits Sam and Dean perfectly, too, imo.

Lyrics for It Doesn't Matter )

It Doesn't Matter - Alison Krauss - ~5MB, .mp3 file - right-click and save as. Enjoy :)
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Last post for the day, I SWEAR :)

So yesterday, it was Band Aid. Today, it's Nsync. If you've hung around this journal for any longer than, oh, a week, you probably know I love Nsync. Popslash was my primary fandom for over five years, and it wasn't just because the boys are pretty :) They really can sing, too!

These are two of my favorites of their holiday music:

[ Nsync - I Guess It's Christmas Time ] - mp3, ~4MB

[ Nsync - All I Want Is You This Christmas ] - mp3, ~3MB

Why are they my favorites? Well, because they spotlight Chris's voice. He's the counter-tenor, and his voice is high, clear and pure, and it blends with JC's like magic. So, yeah.

Enjoy :)
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A lot of you who've been around my journal for a while know this, but I have a lot of new folks who've friended me since last year, so. The thing you should know about me:

I adore this time of year. I'm not a religious person (though I was raised Christian, so there's the whole baby-in-a-manger thing), so that's not the draw for me. Instead, I like giving. I love to bake, and do cards, and give presents to people. I thrive on the 'happy holidays!' that so many people say during this time. I love telling people to have a happy holiday season -- regardless of what their holiday is.

I have a very special place in my heart for Band-Aid, and Do They Know It's Christmas. My senior year in high school, so many things changing all around the world, and the pop/music world beginning to get (actively, collectively) involved in things like world aid.

Twenty-three years ago ON THIS DAY, a group of musicians and singers and artists gathered together to record Do They Know It's Christmas. The mp3 I've uploaded has Bob Geldoff saying, "This record was recorded on the 25th of November, 1984. It's now 8a.m. on the morning of the 26th and we've been here for 24 hours. I think it's time we all went home."

I dunno why, but that just gets me.

Anyway! I share this song every year, along with the .mpg vid file...because Dude. It's Christmas, it's pop, it's tradition :) And it's the ORIGINAL. Enjoy :)

[ Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas (mp3) ] - .mp3 format, ~6MB

[ Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas (video) ] - .mpg format, ~42MB

Happy holidays :)
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It really is :) It works well either as brothers who are devoted to each other, or as brothers who are also lovers. And it would make a great vid in the hands of some of the very skilled vidders I know. *smiles sweetly at [livejournal.com profile] mkitty3*

[ In My Life - The Beatles ] - mp3, ~2MB. Right-click and save as. :)

lyrics for In My Life: )
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So a couple weeks ago I was taken by the idea of doing a fanmix -- I thought of it (and still do) as a soundtrack for the boys, as they love, fight, and go through life. It's definitely geared toward the Wincest, since that's where my interests lie.

Many, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] tvm for the awesome graphics she did for this. *smooches Gin* You're the best, honey :)

So here, I give you:


Track listing and link for downloading. )

Please comment if you dl it, and I would love to know what you think of the tracks, if you get a chance :)



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