Sep. 18th, 2011

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I'm re-watching S5, and am just about through The End, and I find myself wondering...

What IF Dean said yes? What if he said yes before Lucifer could get out of Nick and into Sam? He's been shown what the likely scenario is if Sam said yes, and it's not a pleasant one to contemplate. And while I understand (I think) him wanting to save the world from the potential destruction of a Michael vs. Lucifer battle, if it meant that he and Sam would be safe and destinies fulfilled, then why not?

How would the world be (re)defined, after a death match like that?

Actually, now I'm wondering why there would even have to be earthly collateral damage. Michael and Lucifer slugging it out, wouldn't that be more a celestial thing? And did they have vessels the first time around? If they didn't, why would they need them this time around? Also, if the bloodline is a family thing, well, Nick wasn't a part of the Winchester how could he be a vessel? From the way it's presented to us, Adam was a vessel for Michael, as John was, and Dean -- so why did Sam have to be Lucifer's vessel (or why couldn't John, Adam, or Dean be a vessel for Lucifer)?

I have lots of questions :) Wondering. Also, very little sleep, which I'm about to go remedy. But I'm pondering. Anyone who wants, feel free to put forth your opinion/thoughts/ideas.

And maybe one of these days I'll finish writing my a/u story idea that starts with both Winchester boys born into a world very much like the one Dean visits in The End -- a world where Lucifer is walking around, topside, just waiting for his 'true vessel' to come of age and say yes to him. Writing? What's writing? ... yeah.


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