Aug. 29th, 2011

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No matter how many times I (re)watch the SGA eps...I can't make myself like Dr. Weir. I try, and there are times when I don't wish many evil things befall her.

But overall? I just really don't like the character. She's just too...gah, I don't know. She just annoys the holy hell out of me.

And now, back to watching Poisoned Well.

yeah, okay

Aug. 29th, 2011 10:46 pm
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Email from my mom, just now: Hi Kim, Got your check today, thank-you. Not much going on here except laundry (a lot of it)! Will try to talk to you later this week. When are you finished working? Have you any ideas of what you will do now? I mean about work and your weight.

All for now. Love you, Mom


Matthew came home from school sounding phlegmy and complaining his throat was scratchy. It's now morphed into a sore throat with coughing, and he's warm to the touch. Anyone want to place a bet as to whether or not I end up catching whatever it is he has?

Anyway, there is apparently, a love meme here.

My thread is here, if anyone has any love or hugs they could spare. They would be very appreciated.


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