Aug. 18th, 2011

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Or all night, as happens. (Apart from the 'sleeping all day', that is.)

It's 1:30a and your body thinks it's time for breakfast. Or at least a meal of some sort.

*goes to rummage in the refrigerator*
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I dozed off, only to have a crack of thunder overhead wake me up. Pretty rude of Mother Nature, if you ask me. Also, where the hell did that storm come from? There was NOTHING forecast until, geez, this weekend, I think.


So I spent the evening (and these wee, early hours of the morning) reading SPN fanfic I'd saved to my hard drive against time when I would have the time to read. Some of it's older, some of it's more recent...but somehow, for whatever reason, every story I opened and read tonight was top!Jensen (or Dean)...and it's left me feeling a little...unsatisfied, I guess. I don't mind stories where the guys switch off, but stories where Jensen (Dean) tops exclusively...just really not my thing. At least not for like, four or five (fairly long) stories in a row. Yikes.

So hey. If y'all have any Jared/Jensen or Sam/Dean (or Sam/Alec *hopeful smile*) where it's Jared (Sam) doing the topping that you'd care to rec to me... please do. :) Really. Switching is fine, too. No non-con, no mpreg, no deathfic. Anything else will be gratefully and happily accepted.

Thanks muchly :)


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