Jul. 4th, 2011

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First of all, Happy 4th of July to everyone celebrating it today. Hope you're having a good day with friends, family, BBQ, whatever makes the day a good one for you.

I met up with Doug and Nutjob yesterday, and so Matthew (and Avery) is off with his dad for the week. I got to actually meet Nutjob face-to-face (yay), but it was pretty funny to me when she said, "nice to meet you again". We've never met. Talked on the phone twice when I couldn't avoid it, but never met. Ah, well. As I've said before, she seems very nice -- just not much in the way of gray matter.

I chilled out when I got home; ate ice cream for dinner, worked on my Big Bang (OMG posting tomorrow o_O), and then fell asleep on the couch. So where does the "Mondays are cursed for me" come in?

I woke up sick this morning. Coughing, fever, SUCH a heavy feeling in my chest, drainage and scratchy throat. At one point I was coughing so hard I gagged and nearly threw up. Yay for a sensitive gag reflex. I had a refill of antibiotics from the last time I had this crud, so I got that, and started on them. Meanwhile, I feel like utter shit. I really, really hope I feel better in the morning because I hate the thought of having to call in sick. Even knowing I AM legitimately sick, I always figure it looks at least a little suspicious when you call in the day after a holiday weekend.


But I have "How the States Got Their Shapes" on the History Channel to keep me mostly amused and entertained while wishing I was dead and doing my edits and such.


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