Jun. 15th, 2011

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Life expectancy in U.S. trails top nations

In 2007, life expectancies for men ranged from a high of about 81 years (in Fairfax County, Virginia.) to a low of about 66 years in Holmes County. The trends are especially concerning for women.

Since 1997, women's life expectancy has slipped or failed to rise in more than 850 counties (compared to just 84 counties for men), including 82% of the counties in Oklahoma, 66% in Tennessee, and 59% in Kentucky. In Mississippi, there are five counties where the life expectancy for women is on par with nations such as Honduras, El Salvador, and Peru.

I find it really distressing that we (the US) has one of, if not the, most expensive health care systems in the world... and our life expectancy is falling off the charts.

In other news, it's been storming here for the last three hours, and TNT is showing Night Shifter.
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My friend Mickey (does that ever get confusing for y'all? *g*) send me this link; I spent the entire time I read it snickering out loud. (Names aren't named, but it's so totally about Weiner.)

I've Got To Hand It To Me

The whole thing is awesome, but the recap. Oh, my. *snickers some more*

Let me sum this up, because you are busy, powerful, reputable men. At least right now.

1. We know you’re male. We don’t need visual proof.

2. A woman isn't as excited by finding nudity in her in-box as she is by finding someone emptying the dishwasher while she has a glass of wine and watches “The Voice.”

3. The Internet is forever. Emails don’t just go away because you are powerful and reputable. Matter of fact, your photo-penis will travel further than a flight attendant.

4. You will be discovered because 9% of the American population is unemployed and has a great deal of spare time. If you’re in the government, fixing the unemployment statistic might be a little higher on your to-do list than sexting your new friends.

5. Even Silvio Berluscone hasn’t been caught sending pictures of his penis yet. Consider that you are now sleazier than the Prime Minister who gave us the phrase “Bunga Bunga party.”

6. Your power and your repute will be as nothing compared to the new fact that you dress left.


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