May. 11th, 2011

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Two days ago the temps edged up to about 83, plus humidity, and I decided screw it, I'm too old to be needlessly uncomfortable, and decided we would turn the a/c on. Except the a/c didn't work. It ran, but no cold air came out. So I called maintenance yesterday, and they came and took a look -- and anyone who's read this journal for the last couple of years knows I've had trouble with the damn thing for several summers now -- and came in and said, "the compressor's shot, we'll have to replace it. I have to order a new one."

Yesterday it was 87, with humidity somewhere around 75%. It was flat-out miserable.

Today is supposed to be 89. Right now the humidity is holding at 90%. I really hope as the temperature goes up the humidity falls some.

The maintenance guy said he would put a rush on the compressor and hopefully could have it by this afternoon. I really, really hope it comes in. I'm not sure I can handle another day like yesterday. o_O


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