Apr. 23rd, 2011

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Commercials. Jesus Christ, the commercials on television make me want to throw things AT the television.

This is what nearly tipped me over the edge tonight. The diet industry in general annoys me, just on principle, but anything that has "quick" in the title gets an extra GRRRR aimed at it. Anyway, the 2nd commercial on that page is a woman in a bikini, all bony hipbones and angles, and she says, "I'm the mother of three kids, and I just couldn't lose those last twenty pounds--"

Which, yeah, okay. Reasonable; lots of women battle with baby weight.


"QuickTrim helped me lose those, and I went FROM A SIZE EIGHT TO A SIZE ZERO."

I *know* that weight and body image are relative and subjective, and twenty pounds can seem to someone else what 100 seem to me.

But it just really made my blood pressure go up, with the size-eight-to-size-zero.

The other thing making my head feel like exploding is the weather. We're in between storm systems right now, but the next one's due to roll through later tonight. We've already had the tornado warning sirens, and the extreme lightning and rain -- also, six inches of rain in 24 hours, oi. The river is at 23F right now -- which is flood stage -- and is supposed to hit 34F by Monday/Tuesday. That's if we have NO more rain... and we have rain expected for the next four or five days. Ugh.

I guess I should try to get some writing done, yeah? Yeah.


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