Apr. 21st, 2011

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It's time again for me to go do my "six week check-in/review" at the Unemployment Office (which I find amusing, because hello, was there THREE TIMES last month). Don't want to go. But I'd best get moving, because I have to get groceries afterward (also don't want to go), and it's already past 1pm.

Mickey told me via text the other night that she's heard some rumors that the property room might be opening my position back up. This fills me with matching feelings of joy (employment!) and doom (property room!).

I've started applying for jobs in the Baltimore, MD area. Apparently Matthew's okay with the idea of moving, if it means moving closer to the physical locality of his girlfriend (who is in NY). *rolls eyes* Kids are so weird.

Still reeling from that picture of Jared I posted last night. If anyone wanted to icon it for me, I would love you forever. Plus maybe write you a snippet of something, your choice. Just sayin'. :)

All right. Time to get going. *sigh* See y'all on the flip-side.


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