Mar. 13th, 2011

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I've lived in this apartment/townhouse since June, 2006. Nearly five years. Both units to either side of me have always been occupied (minus the time to paint/clean/etc in between rentals). We've had good neighbors, and not-so-great neighbors. But never anything like what we have right now, in the unit "E". We share a common wall, the wall with the staircase. The wall that our cable outlet is on are at opposite ends, so essentially the length of two living rooms. I can hear their television/stereo right now -- with my television on. o_O

I'm not sure exactly how many people live there: I know for sure there's a woman and two grade-school aged kids. There's another woman I see in/out occasionally, but I don't know if she lives there, or if she's a friend/relative/babysitter/etc. Those three people that are there regularly? Make more noise than did the single guy who routinely had groups of guy friends over for BBQ, ballgames, etc. Boggle on THAT for a minute.

These kids jump/bounce/run up and down the stairs, banging on the wall. I can hear them every single time they pitch a fit, or cry, or whatever. I can hear their mom every time SHE yells at them.

I could complain to management, I suppose, but they're not doing anything like wild parties after hours. So the kids are throwing fits--kids do that. I'm just boggled by how much noise they seem to generate.

I really want my own house again. *sigh*


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