Feb. 23rd, 2011

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Was sitting at the kitchen table with my son, going through the course selections for next year. His JUNIOR YEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL.

So, after that moment of freaking out, we got back on track. Next year's class choices/requirements: English III, Geometry, Chemistry, US History (those are the requirements). Electives will be Shop (large engines), Military history (modern), Team Winter Sports, Computer Tech and Emergency Procedures.

A rather eclectic group of classes isn't it? I wanted him to do JROTC since he talks quite a bit about wanting to join the military, but he said he doesn't want to have to "spend" the whole year. (Each school year at his school is divided into three terms; the JROTC class would be what they call an A/B/C class--all three terms. The required classes are all A/B, and most electives are either A/B or A OR B.)

Anyway. Junior. I'm feeling kind of old tonight. o_O Hopefully some of y'all are too, those of you who remember me talking about having to change the baby *g*
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Last night I had Matthew unplug my laptop and take it upstairs while I finished tidying up downstairs. I followed him shortly, got him shuttled off to bed and then did my thing until I was ready to go to bed.

Today, I poked around online (upstairs) and then did some stuff (also upstairs). Decided it was time to relocate to the couch to put my feet up. Brought the laptop (with power cord) down with me. Went to plug it into the socket nearest the couch...and discovered the third prong of the plug was broken off and *still in the outlet*

I am fairly sure this isn't a good thing, and there's no way in hell I'm going to attempt to get that prong out myself. I have no desire to be electrocuted, thanks. So now I have to call the office to send the maintenance guy over. Yay. *sigh*

I suppose I should just do that and get it over with, because I can't help but imagine it's at least a moderate fire hazard waiting to happen. Meh.

How's everyone's Wednesday going?


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