Feb. 10th, 2011

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Matthew informed me last night, as we were watching television, that Jo (Harvelle) and Kono would make a really hot, really awesome couple. Then he said, "you should write that".

Yeah, let me get right on that. *headdesk*

Why is this my life, people? Seriously.
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Senate Passes Bill to Teach Bible in KY Schools

They're talking about elective classes, which means probably high school, but why does it have to come down to legislation? There's nothing saying that high schools couldn't offer a class now, so why do this? Do the senators, etc., not have enough on their plates already? My state has (like so many other states) a HUGE budget deficit -- why isn't someone working on figuring out how to fix that?

I don't have a problem with the 'teaching the bible' per se. I took History of the Old Testament and History of Christianity when I was attending UofL, and enjoyed both of them. But down here, to a great many, bible = religion, and there's already enough mixing of church/religion and state stuff as it is. (Example: Matthew's health class in 8th grade had a brief bit of sex ed. Birth control was: don't have sex. Period.)

There's a poll on that page, do you think the bible should be taught in schools, Yes, No, Not Sure. 75% of the votes -- some 400+ have voted yes. *sigh*

All this brought to you courtesy of the state that tied up its state supreme court docket with "we demand to be allowed to display the Ten Commandments outside our local courthouses".

Wanting to reiterate here: NOT trying to diss the bible, or religion. I just don't think they're things that need mixing in with public education and government.


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