Feb. 8th, 2011

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From here: Oscar Nominee: I'm attracted to my brother.

Jennifer Lawrence, the 20-year-old Oscar nominee for Best Actress, is sitting in a fancy Manhattan hotel sipping tea and feeling a little out of place.

See, she grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, where her dad owned a construction company and her mom ran a summer camp. They had land and horses. She loved to fish. She was a total tomboy: field hockey, softball, basketball on an all-boys team. ("I was so dykey.")

One of her nicknames was Nitro. She lives in Los Angeles now, but "little redneck things still come out." Like what? "I'm attracted to my brother. Stuff like that."

I am all KINDS conflicted on this article. It just...offends me in a bunch of different ways. Dykey? Because she liked sports/considered herself a tomboy? Is that how she thinks of herself? Is that what she thinks being queer means? A girl who likes sports? What about lesbians who don't like sports? And the whole Louisville, Kentucky = redneck really kind of offends me, too. I have family members who have never set foot in Kentucky who are rednecks. It's a state of mind/attitude, not where you're from.

As for the I'm attracted to my brother...geez. Okay, and? Why on earth would someone think that's something that needs to 1) be stated out loud and 2) be published ANYWHERE? (Particularly if it's being used in connection with anything to do with 'redneck' -- because you know there's a large portion of the general population that already connects incest and redneck together.

*sigh* I should probably avoid CNN.com, but I have this weird nagging desire to keep up on news. Oi.


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