Jan. 18th, 2011

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For a long time (relatively speaking), I didn't care for "Houses of the Holy". But I watched it a few more times, once I had the disks, and slowly came to change my mind. Now it makes me sad, looking at how young both Sam and Dean appear. They're world-weary, but they're still trying to believe, to trust. Sam, in particular, wants to believe they're not alone in their fight; that there are angels watching over them, that God is somehow present.

I wonder what S6!Sam might say to S2!Sam--and if S2!Sam might believe him. If he would do things differently.

I love this episode now, but it makes me ache for them, knowing what I know is coming. Not only is no one "upstairs" watching out for them/helping, the angels are just as bad as the demons, in their own way. Using the Winchesters for their own purposes without a care for the (fragile) human souls. Because (imo), the only reason for the battle between Michael and Lucifer is because of daddy issues. Not destiny, nothing so noble. And even if it were written in the stars as destiny, there were any number of times when things could have been changed--but the ones who had the power to do so chose not to.

Wow, that got ramble-y. I think maybe I should actually take the nap that's tugging at me, because my brain is clearly overwhelmed and sleepy.


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