Jan. 13th, 2011

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Kids went back to school today! \o/ They've now missed six days due to inclement weather. This school year will never, ever end.

In case I didn't do the !!!! thing, I signed up for this year's Big Bang. Let the insanity begin *g*

How to be really annoying in one easy step: Warnings: Nothing beyond m/m kissing in this one. Oh, and language, since Danny's from Jersey. -- because nobody but Jersey natives cuss? Weh? Also, m/m kissing IN A SLASH FIC POSTED TO A SLASH COMM is NOT something that needs to go under 'warnings'.

Matthew did something to his left knee -- the one he has the most trouble with, keeping it straightened out -- to the point where he said to me today, "if it still hurts me tomorrow, can you get me in to see the doctor?" o_O

I had a dream last night about Adam Lambert. He and I had a class together at...a community college, I think. And I was supposed to give him a ride home from class. Or something like that. Anyway, next thing I know, we're fighting off a feral dog (that managed to let itself out of its fence, by jumping on a trampoline), and Adam's been bitten and is all bruised and sore. But still entertaining my sister's girls by pretending to pull rabbits out of his hat (I have NO idea). So I convince him to go use my bathroom to get cleaned up, and when I go check on him he's leaning over the sink, bleeding. I bandage him up, and tell him he needs to let me drive him to the hospital because who knows if that dog had his shots, etc., and the whole time he's shaking his head and saying "I don't want to, I want to go home." Then it segued into something that had nothing to do with Adam Lambert at all, but was about the new car my friend bought, that looked like a snowplow.

WTF, brain? Really. W.T.F. (Two nights ago I dreamed I was part of an alien-searching expedition, with NSync, and kept watching Chris and JC flirting, and snuggling/kissing. Just before we had to go diving down to the wrecked ship. o_O)


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