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Hey, y'all,

Life has been fairly brutal lately, hitting me as always, financially. I'm behind in nearly all my bills (several months' behind); my checking account is severely overdrawn, and Matthew and Megan were in a car accident last week. They're fine; the car, not so much. It's drive-able, but it needs to go into the shop, and I need to come up with my deductible before I can even do that.

I've set up a GoFundMe account in the hopes of getting some help to get this all caught up, and maybe get a little ahead.

The link is here: gofundme.com/zb3ueu2t

(if you prefer to do paypal, my paypal address is kgasper@comcast.net)

If you can't help or don't want to, that's cool. I totally understand. But if you can do a signal boost, that would be helpful and I would really appreciate it :)

Thank you.

**I do ask that if you do signal boost and put it on FB? Please don't tag my full name in there, because I really want to stay under the radar as far as my mom and sister.


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