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My car apparently needs new brakes. Rotors, in particular. It's been squeaking and squealing for awhile now; yesterday it started doing a grinding thing. We took it to have it looked at, and were told that it's metal-on-metal, and really not safe to drive. Also, I'm going to need an alignment, and I have to replace at least two tires, because they're wearing very badly due to the whole alignment thing.

Total estimated cost: $800 (assuming I just get gently used, or cheap tires).

I'm on disability (SSI), as is my son. Our total monthly income is $1466. My budget is stretched as thin as its possible for a budget to be; there is no surplus anywhere. My car is 13 years old, so I shouldn't be surprised that things are starting to need to be replaced/fixed, and it's still cheaper than having a monthly car payment, but it doesn't matter how cheap it is if it costs more than I have.

If anyone can, or wants to, help out, it would be very welcome and appreciated. My paypal address is kgasper at comcast dot net. (And if there's anything I can do in exchange -- beta read, research, typing -- I'm happy to do so.)

Thank you.

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