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The most recent changes to LJ. The home page looks bulky and clunky. I keep wanting to downsize the print, but that isn't going to fix it. Also, the new comment pages? No. No thank you, even.

I've been on LJ for nearly a decade. I got an account reluctantly, because I didn't think I would be able to find time to do anything with a journal. Now it's kind of my link to social, cultural, political, everything. But for each "fix" you do on something that wasn't broken to begin with, LJ, you make me want to go somewhere else. Yes, I have a permanent account, so you're not making money off me in that regard. But, finances allowing, I buy extra icon packages. I buy virtual gifts for friends. I buy paid time for others when and where I can.

You probably won't really notice a difference in your revenue if I, by myself, were to leave. You might not notice it if a hundred or even a thousand people leave and take their business elsewhere. But I'd be willing to bet eventually the numbers will stop working in your favor. Maybe then you'll wish you'd actually embraced the concept of 'customer service', and listened to your userbase.
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